A Spin is an interactive way to showcase your product. It consists of 18,24 or
36 pictures which visually detail your product from all angles. Spins increase your online clients engagement with the product and effectively boost online sales.

The studio shots that go into a spin are a much higher resolution than seen here. These pin-sharp stills can be used for print and web so your catalogue photography is taken care of simultaneously. (Still Classic)

Combining the jobs of two creative professions saves time and money.
If you want to take your content even further, check out the  360° Video Basic Option, Video Megazoom and Stop Motion.


Research has proven that the longer an online shopper spends on a product page, the greater their propensity to purchase. An interactive Spin is one way to achieve that goal.

This is for you if…
your products look different from various angles
• your products weigh up 80kg
you need still images for webpage as well as for social media
• you experience a large amount of returns of online sales