What is the maximum weight for a Spin?

The maximum weight is 80 kg.

Which background color will I be able to have?

White is the standard.
For smaller products there are possibilities of more options but there is an increase in price. 

How many pictures should my Spin have?

The standard spin consists of 36 pictures shot at exact increments to make up the 360º. It is possible to shoot even more pictures ( 72 for example) which makes the spin even more fluid but this is not necessary in the vast majority of cases.

How often will a Video Spin turn?

A standard video spin turns 3 times. Naturally this can be varied if necessary.

Can you spin people?

Yes, if they weigh no more than 80kg. Bear in mind that people don’t remain perfectly still so it’s best to shoot them spinning directly in video.

Why not shoot a spin directly in video?

It all comes down to resolution! If you wish to use some of the individual pictures of the spin as printable catalogue pictures then video doesn’t make the grade.
Of course, if you are only interested in social media content then it is worth considering this point. 

What basic retouching is included?

Basic retouching of the material involves adjustment of the white balance, contrast, sharpening and those general tweaks that make a picture look that bit nicer.
It doesn’t include, however, extensive cleaning of products which arrive in sub standard conditions or removal of aspects of the product which are no longer applicable in the sale. Though of course these measures can be discussed, if necessary.

In the interests of maintaining high quality at the best price the product should arrive clean and in perfect condition.