Cinemagraphs are dazzling. They capture and hold our attention with their alluring quality. Not quite a photo, not quite a video, they trick the mind into thinking it’s seeing something magical. But, what exactly is a cinemagraph? Cinemagraphs are a magical hybrid of photography and video. They contain subtle motion that plays in a short, never-ending loop, while the rest of the image remains still. The motion highlights a few seconds from the video, blending it seamlessly into the still photo.
The combination of static and motion also make cinemagraphs a popular tool for digital marketing. Brands and organizations are creating cinemagraphs for all different types of their marketing content. 

This is for you if…
• you are planning digital advertisement
• you need content for website, landing pages and blogs 
• content for your Email/ newsletters & Social Media
• digital displays and billboards 
• long form videos
• you are a museum or gallery

Cinemagraphs are a versatile medium that can cater to the unique demands and requirements of our channels. Sharing on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media is a piece of cake.